ABCT Black - Casserole 16cm
ABCT Black - Casserole 16cm
ABCT Black - Casserole 16cm
ABCT Black - Casserole 16cm

ABCT Black - Casserole 16cm


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The ABCT Black collection comes with a new, shiny, black finish that gives a stylish and refined appearance to the new range of steel pots & pans with magnetic grade steel bottom for use on induction cooking surfaces. The body of the containers is made of steel, with exterior coating in ceramic enamel, and interior coating made of technological nanoceramics, the best non-stick material currently available on the market: compact, smooth, nonporous and durable.


  • Made in Italy
  • Material: steel, nanotech non-sticking coating
  • Cooktop types: gas, electric, induction, ceramic, oven
  • Functions: baking, cooking


To preserve the quality of the tool, in the first use, evenly grease the inside with a little oil and wipe it dry with a soft cloth • always place the pot on the heat source more proportionate to its size • do not overheat the vacuum pan • do not burn fat food • on the ceramic plate lift the pot avoiding to slide over it • leave to cool before washing • do not use metal utensils, but only in plastic or wood • Avoid keeping acid food for a long time inside the pot • do not use powder and/or scouring pads to clean the pan, just use warm water and a soft sponge with small amount of mild detergent • automatic dishwashing is preferably allowed to adopt Eco • store the tool must be done carefully so as not to scratch the coating • Do not use the pan in the microwave.

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