Stonework - Pan/dish
Stonework - Pan/dish
Stonework - Pan/dish
Stonework - Pan/dish

Stonework - Pan/dish


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The distinctive trait of the collection Stonework, by knIndustrie, of pots and pans, is the stonewashed finish characterizing their exterior and interior surfaces, which creates a pleasing contrast with the tactile feel of the handles made from walnut wood. Treated in this manner, the metal endows the entire set with an unusual appearance, striking a fine balance between the high-tech dimension of the steel and the memory of traditional silver sets.


  • Made in Italy
  • Material: stainless steel, stonewashed finished inside and outside
  • Cooktop types: induction, gas, electric, ceramic, oven
  • Functions: baking, cooking


Before using the pots for the first time wash them with boiling water and a liquid detergent • Add salt to the water only when it is boiling, and stir with a spoon. If the salt is deposited on the bottom, it may start the process of corrosion. These specks do not alter the quality of the saucepan or how it works, in the slightest, and cannot in any way be blamed on manufacturing faults • do not use powder and/or scouring pads to clean the pan, just use warm water and a soft sponge with mild detergent • store the dry pot carefully so as not to scratch them • Do not use the pan in the microwave • always place the pot on the heat source more proportionate to its size • do not overheat the vacuum pan • on the ceramic plate lift the pot avoiding to slide over it • Do not subject glass lids to strong thermal shocks.