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    BACSAC : Official distributor in Canada and the USA


    BACSAC was the result of a meeting amongst inspired neighbors in the heart of Paris. Godefroy de Virieu, a designer passionate about planting, and two landscapers devoted to seeing Nature in the city, Virgile Desurmont and Louis de Fleurieu. BACSAC is the result of a common desire to reclaim Nature in our lives. Objects that are both aesthetic and smart. It is the beginning of a new experience in the city, an invitation to plant. BACSAC reveals desires, inspires dreams.


    BACSAC covers the soil and protects the plant. BACSAC is a new generation of container. It maintains the balance between air, soil and water. The plant is wrapped with several layers of felt, to protect the roots. 100% recyclable, frost and UV resistant, BACSAC suits all environments. At first in geotextile, BACSAC comes now in batyline fabric, offering a wide color palette. BACSAC invents, innovates, redesigns the garden.