Edison La Surprise
Edison La Surprise
Edison La Surprise
Edison La Surprise
Edison La Surprise
Edison La Surprise
Edison La Surprise
Edison La Surprise

Edison La Surprise


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Edison La Surprise: A Beacon of Style and Functionality in Lighting

For those in Canada looking for sophisticated, glowing charm, Edison La Surprise is an impeccable selection. This charming mini table lamp captures the philosophy of 'small is beautiful'. Perfect for indoor relaxation or outdoor evening gatherings, it emits a cozy, white light that sets a welcoming tone.

Edison La Surprise is not just notable for its brightness but also for its flexibility. Featuring three adjustable settings, you can customize the light intensity to match the atmosphere, transitioning effortlessly from vibrant and lively to soft and tranquil. At a petite 15 centimeters in height, it fits seamlessly into any Canadian home, be it on a nightstand, a kitchen counter, or an outdoor patio.

The design of Edison La Surprise is particularly distinguished by its user-friendly nature. Forget the hassle of multiple chargers; a single USB cable efficiently powers this lamp. A quick charge time of 3.3 hours allows it to brighten your area for up to 12 hours. Its magnetic snap connector simplifies the charging process—just attach and charge.

If you're seeking a lamp that beautifully combines aesthetics, functionality, and durability, Edison La Surprise is your go-to lighting solution. Measuring ⌀9.7 x 15 cm, it promises to be a standout feature, whether used inside or outdoors. With Edison La Surprise, you do more than just illuminate a space; you enhance its overall ambiance.

  • 3 light settings
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Portable
  • Wireless
  • LED light, 3000 Kelvin
  • Great ambiance enhancer
  • Magnetic snap connector for easy charging - can be charged separately or together with the same cable
  • Size: ⌀3.8" x 5.9" / ⌀9.7 x 15cm
  • Weight: 0.3bs / 0.145kg
  • This product comes with a charging cable, but without an adapter. The charging cable has an USB connection. Use the adapter of your mobile phone, a Fatboy adapter or connect the USB cable to your computer. Adapter max. 5 Volts 1.5 Amp or Adapter max. 5 Volts 2 Amp. If you charge your product with an adapter that does not meet these conditions, this may affect the delivery time of the battery.
  • First charge must be a minimum of 5 hours.
  • Do full charges so as not to shorten the life of the battery. The battery is full when you have the green light indicator.
  • Clean carefully with a dampened soft cloth, adding a little soap only if necessary. Do not use any cleaning materials containing harsh chemicals.
  • Do not store in winter in an unheated space. During the off-season, or if you are not using your light for an extended period of time, do a recharge every three months to keep the battery active.
  • Shipments are processed from Monday to Friday.
  • Orders are shipped from our Canadian warehouse.

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