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Stellar, like a star.

Stellar (stĕl′ər) [derived from the Latin word Stellaris] “Relating to, involving, or resembling a star or stars, or comparable with stars for beauty and quality”.

In this case, a timeless design meant to be used on a daily basis, where its stellar lines serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. A shape conceived from childhood memories, where the comfort of those traditional wooden school chairs from the 1950s with their humble, functional use of materials has been reinvented into the 21st-century stackable monoblock plastic chair.

The strong lines shared with modern fighter planes and military decorations are decontextualized and put together to form a peaceful inviting multi-functional design. The star-like, triangular volumes on the rear and bottom parts emphasize the load-bearing function of these structures and form a pleasant aesthetic contrast with the soft and welcoming ergonomics of both the seat and backrest.

  • Lightweight
  • UV resistant
  • Indoor use only
  • Stackable x 4 pcs
  • Polypropylene
  • Air injection technology
  • Width: 21.5" / 54.5cm
  • Depth: 21" / 53.5cm
  • Height: 32.3" / 82cm
  • Seated height: 18.3" / 46.5cm
  • Weight: 11.2lbs / 5.1kg

Stellar par TOOU Design

par Sandy Mulder

Stellar, comme une étoile

Stellar (stĕl′ər) [dérivé du mot latin Stellaris]
Relatif à, impliquant, ou ressemblant à une ou plusieurs étoiles, ou comparable aux étoiles pour la beauté et la qualité”.

Sandy Mulder

Le designer

Sandy Mulder

TOOU Autour du monde

Brekkie Cafe, Calgary

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Design multi-fonctionnel

Une forme conçue à partir de souvenirs d'enfance réinventée en une chaise en polypropylène.