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TOOU Design

A furniture company who combines contemporary taste with the tradition of the great design schools
With light and sound


High quality and multifunctional products


A new vision of lighting now in Canada
From Australia

Basil Bangs

Design for outdoors

Furniture Design Supplier & Distributor of Joy and Simplicity

Official and exclusive distributor of Fatboy, TOOU, Basil Bangs, kooduu & Newgarden in Canada. Since 2007, Nüline Distribution offers international brands of furniture and accessories, indoor and outdoor, combining functionality and fun.

For the last 15 years, Nüline has extended its business across North America with international brands, such as Basil Bangs, kooduu and Newgarden, exclusive distributor in Canada. The company continues its quest to provide products that please, surprise and fit a lifestyle made out of joy and simplicity.

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Exclusive distributor of Fatboy in Canada
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TOOU Design
Furnitures dedicated to you
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Basil Bangs
Beautiful products for the beach & home
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Products with light and sound
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Indoor & outdoor furniture, lamps
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All you need to know about Fatboy fabrics

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Versatile designs
of everyday objects

Contemporary aesthetic that fits every living style.

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We are on the lookout for trends Design Furniture

We offer to retailers and Canadian designers a range of products that are the result of our research around the world. We give you access to a wind of novelties, to unique products offered so that you can stand out from the crowd.

We offer sought-after Design Furniture products

Each brand adopted by Nüline Distribution is distinctive, unique and original. And each brand is distinguished by its personality, its history. For us to decide to represent a brand, it must have proven itself on all levels: manufacturing, attractiveness, distribution, inventory, customer service innovation and more.

A passion for quality

Each product in the Nüline Distribution range stands out for the quality of its manufacture design, solidity and promise of satisfaction.

An unparalleled service to excel

We share your desire to surpass, to surprise, to find solutions, to go further and further in your research and development. This is why we offer to accompany you, from the search for a solution to the final realization of the solution, of your project.