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73 products

73 products

It all began with the release of a variety of outdoor flowerpots made of polyethylene, featuring a range of colors and textures. After a highly successful campaign showcasing the material's numerous advantages, Newgarden ventured into a new market - garden illumination.

Light up your garden

With its innovative design, exceptional product properties, and competitive pricing, the company quickly became one of Spain's most significant brands in this area. As the company continued to expand across 18 countries worldwide, its objectives became more defined. Newgarden introduced a new line of outdoor furniture, embracing a technological future.

Enjoy the good weather

Today, the company is optimistic about its future, with exciting new projects and goals on the horizon. The local team is dedicated to creating products that cater to their clients, and the company has coined the term "emotional furniture" to define its design and technology-focused identity. Newgarden: inspired, designed, and made in Spain.