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26 products

The Line is a French brand renowned for its minimalist yet profoundly evocative metal wall decorations. With designs that capture the essence of city skylines, majestic mountains, and idyllic islands through a single, continuous line, The Line transforms memories and landscapes into art. Each piece is crafted with precision, offering a sophisticated and elegant touch to any space.

Embrace the Elegance of The Line

As the exclusive distributor in Canada, Nüline Distribution ensures that every piece from The Line is more than just a decoration; it's a bridge to the world's beauty and culture, for your customers. We invite you to discover these meticulously crafted silhouettes that bring global and natural wonders into your living space, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and wonder. Through our collaboration with The Line, we're excited to offer Canadians a unique way to express their passion for travel, art, and elegance.

A Collection for Every Taste

Whether you're drawn to the urban allure of iconic cities, the serene beauty of nature, or the whimsical charm of animals for children's spaces, The Line offers a diverse range of designs. From the expansive horizons of global metropolises to the detailed contours of beloved animals, their collections are designed to inspire and resonate with everyone. Nüline Distribution is delighted to be the gateway to these exceptional pieces in Canada, inviting you to explore a world where design meets emotion.