Our steps to sustainability

We feel responsible for our impact on the planet and future generations. This means that we’re continuously working on initiatives in our supply chain, the materials we use and in our internal organization, which will help us become a more sustainable company. We are trying to push boundaries in new development and we strongly believe that what isn’t possible today, may be possible tomorrow.



Reduce plastic. The less plastic the better.
Big changes start small and everydays.

Less CO2

About Fatboy, we hand fill the bean bags at our Montreal's warehouse. Our suppliers filling and boxes are is the same are as us. This means we reduce the transportation. Is this enough? No we think not, so we are constantly trying to reduce our footprint in a sustainable matter.

Less paper

We’re replacing our packaging for FSC-certified brown cardboard protecting our global forests and a healthy living environment for humans and animals. We also reduce as much as possible the waste of paper in the office. We monitor how much each employee prints in order to avoid excessive and unnecessary printing. Big changes start small.

Adapter no longer included

At Fatboy, there no longer include adapters with the portable lighting: Edison the Petit, Transloetje and Bolleke. Because consumers have enough adapters, they are often thrown away.