Fatboy Swatch nylon  -  POS  by  Fatboy
Fatboy Swatch stonewashed  -  POS  by  Fatboy
Fatboy Swatch velvet  -  POS  by  Fatboy
Fatboy Swatch olefin  -  POS  by  Fatboy
Fatboy Swatch polyester  -  POS  by  Fatboy

Fatboy Swatch


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Fatboy Fabric Swatches, for Designers.

Choosing your favourite fabric can be hard and that's why we're here to help. Fatboy uses natural and synthetic fabrics. The natural fabrics are made of 100% natural yarns, like the stonewashed cotton collection. Generally, natural fabrics are not made for outdoor use as they are sensitive to UV radiation, (salty or chlorinated) water, and bleach. Top-quality outdoor materials must be stainproof, waterproof, and UV and mould-resistant. That's why our outdoor products are produced from materials made of 100% synthetic yarns and fibers like olefin fabrics. All these materials are weatherproof and can be used outdoors all year round.

  • Nylon: indoor use only
  • Stonewashed: indoor use only
  • Velvet: indoor use only
  • Olefin: indoor and outdoor use
  • Polyester: indoor and outdoor use