Lamzac 3.0  -  Outdoor Living  by  Fatboy
Lamzac 3.0  -  Outdoor Living  by  Fatboy
Lamzac 3.0  -  Outdoor Living  by  Fatboy
Lamzac 3.0 dark blue  -  Outdoor Living  by  Fatboy
Lamzac 3.0 sky blue  -  Outdoor Living  by  Fatboy
Lamzac 3.0 red  -  Outdoor Living  by  Fatboy
Lamzac 3.0 tulip orange  -  Outdoor Living  by  Fatboy
Lamzac 3.0 jungle green  -  Outdoor Living  by  Fatboy

Lamzac 3.0


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Lamzac 3.0, crash out anywhere.

Get comfy anywhere with the original air lounger: Fatboy Lamzac 3.0. Simple to inflate with long-lasting coziness. Creates a life-size air bean bag at the swish of a bag, yet deflates in a jiffy when it's time to move on.

Rather pass your day in horizontal mode? Inflate your Lamzac then. No need to pump it up. Just sweep the beanbag horizontally till it fills with air, in a matter of seconds. Seal it off and it’s ready for action, or, more accurately, inaction. Wherever you want. In your garden, on vacation, at a festival, or even on a skiing break. It’s so easy to take this inflatable couch everywhere with you. This air beanbag is super-strong, as well as water-, dirt- and UV-resistant. Heading for home? Just flatten your Lamzac air lounger and fold it up. Couldn't be easier.

  • Outdoor use only
  • High-quality Nylon Ripstop
  • Filling with free air
  • High UV colorfastness
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Can carry a maximum of 200kg
  • Size: 78.7" x 35.5" x 19.7" / 200 x 90 x 50cm
  • Weight: 1.9lbs / 0.85kg
  • Gently pat any soiled areas with a moist cloth.
  • It is normal for the Lamzac to lose air over time. Air will slightly reduce after standing and seating multiple times, but also when not in use. Just easily scoop extra air according to your comfort level.
  • Note that the Lamzac is not a bean bag.
  • Product colours may vary slightly from those shown on your display.
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  • Orders are shipped from our Canadian warehouse.

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